About Us

We'll have operated and successfully grown our small family business for 10 years in 2015. And as we celebrate an important anniversary and milestone it is important to reflect on the inspiration that continues to create value for our customers and, also for us.

In short we subscribe to a lifestyle where less is simply more. It dawned on us late in life when we downsized from the mansion to the cottage (after our children started their own adult life journey) how much happier we were with a simplified means to living. We found that removing clutter from our lifestyle also uncluttered our minds to the point where we could differentiate clearly between simple inexpensive items that added value to cottage living versus the many unimportant artifacts of wealth.

We operate a simple business with simple products and our story is a simple one. We started by manufacturing a variety of cream perfumes under the cream perfume company brand and later introduced more artisan bath and body products under the same brand. In 2014 we introduced housewares under the softshell seaside brand and in 2015 we will introduce kitchen goods, both food and non-food, under the cattle cuisine brand. All of these brands and products are now conveniently housed within our cottage portfolio. We operate on both coasts with offices in California and Florida.

Thank you so much for visiting our site and always feel comfortable to call me personally or email our company for any questions, concerns or comments. We have a no-questions-asked policy to returns. If for ANY reason you do not enjoy our products please always feel free to return them for a full refund. Our policy statements are in the checkout page on this site.


Mary Johnston

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E mary.johnston@lmccei.com